Livestock Sorting Sticks

Livestock Sorting Sticks
(Canadian and U.S.)

(The Classic pig pokin’ , cow chasin’ , dog whackin’ , brother beatin’ premium sorting stick)

These promotional sticks make sense when looking for that perfect premium for your most valued customers. Use them as a fund-raiser for your club or a give away at your next bull sale. We custom label these sticks with your personal logo or company or ranch name under the vinyl so no matter what, your name always stands out and stays in great condition. The sticks are fibreglass with vinyl blown on, so the rod won’t shatter, fray or give you slivers. This walking stick is the most practical way to have your name out front and recognised every time.

We can guarantee this is one gift that won’t be stuck in a bag and forgotten.

PRICE BREAKDOWN ON STICKS. (for the 4ft. stick)

1-1000: $6.00
1000+: $4.75

No set up fee with black on white labels.
Set up fee dependent on colour usage.
* Add $2.50 for 7″ golf style foam grip handles.
* Add $1.50 for the 5ft stick.
* Minimum stick order is 14. (That is how many come on a sheet of labels.)

** Remember when thinking about the sticks you can also do cross marketing with other companies to share the cost of the stick. The first label is included with the price quote above and for additional labels it is .50 per label. Setup included. We can fit about 6 advertisements on each stick.

** If your logo has colour in it we require it to be sent in a jpeg format. The size of the label we use is 4″ x 1-1/4″.

** For an order please allow ample time. Timing depends on how busy we are. The larger the order of course the more time needed to get them together.

Thank you for your interest in us and our products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or an order.